UTCS Program

Underprivileged, Tribal and Coastal Area, Slum Children Feeding and Education Program – Chennai

As part of Foara interventions at Slum, Coastal, and tribal underprivileged children, we happened to visit one of the slums in Chennai Washermenpet where we met a few girls who had an earnest thirst for education, even though they come from very poor families. When we interacted with them, one of the girl child about 12 years old, a hard-working student, opened her heart and said that she want to excel in her studies and be a doctor. She expressed her interest in doing community services after completing medical degree becoming a doctor since she believes that medical treatment should be accessible to all free and at any time. After one year, on a follow-up visit to the locality, this little girl came up running and thanked Foara for all the support and we heard her ask “What took you so long to reach our community because we are empowered by the support of Foara since last 1 year and now we believe that our community will develop