COVID Responses

India Recorded 32 Lakh active cases (as of May 22, 2021)

Help us to supply more Food for the Hungry and help us spread awareness and supply more COVID-19 PPE Kits

COVID – 19 had a devastating effect on India. With more than 32 Lakh active cases (as of May 22, 2021) and numbers predicted to rise, our health infrastructure is already overwhelmed. Prevention is better than cure. We have launched an Awareness Campaign to educate the general public regarding COVID appropriate behavior

We are educating people to take precautionary measures and the way to use masks, sanitizers and maintain personal hygiene. We are making people aware of the symptoms of COVID-19 such as cold, dry cough, breathing problem, headache. This campaign is continuous via our volunteers, and our motto is to educate the public and ensure that they are protected from coronavirus. We supply PPE kits (Masks, sanitizers, Hand gloves) along with our campaign.

COVID – 19 has created more hunger among the poorest of poor slum areas where we operate. We have provided Food for the Hungry via supplying basic food supply for poor families.